Science Fair Connections

Every year, at the Bluewater Regional Science and Technology Fair, Roots of Bruce awards $50 to a student who wins the Agricultural Award for a project with an agricultural theme.

The 2019 winner is Alex Grubb of Mildmay, with his project entitled “Frosty Fields.”

Past winners:
2010   Sarah Beckenhauer and Jaimie Glenn

2011   Valerie Gibbons

2012   Brayden Fischer, of Teeswater

2013   Maddy Turner and Sam Rancourt

2014   Paul Grein, of Durham

2015  Jaden Hill, of Neustadt

2016 Lauren Mansfield, of Lion’s Head

2017 Nathaniel Charlton, of Normanby

2018 Nathaniel and Noel Charlton, of Normanby