Teachers’ To Do List

Walkerton Agriculture Buildings, 206 Durham St. W.  Walkerton ON, N0G 2V0

ROOTS OF BRUCE for all Grade 5 classes. Grades 4/5 and 5/6 classes are encouraged to come too.

TEACHERS’ TO-DO LIST Please print this page for future reference.

1. Register your class early. Use the on-line registration on this website.

Provide first and second choice. Usually we are able to give you your first choice. An invoice will be sent to you.  This will confirm your registration and date.

2. Send a cheque to Tim Mancell, Box 1060  15 Johnstone Blvd. Walkerton ON N0G 2V0. Cost is $5.00 per student. A receipt will be e-mailed to you if you send him your e-mail address. Payment must be made by Feb. 1st, otherwise your registration is invalid.

3. Bus and arrival times:

Buses must arrive between 9:30 and 9:45. They will depart at 2:15.

4. In late March, a Building List will be sent to you. This will highlight what is in each building so that students can see the buildings where they have the most to learn. Students will only see two of the three buildings. They will see one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Be sure to divide your class evenly among the three buildings. Our building colours are YELLOW, BLUE, and ORANGE. One third of your class should be in each building.  If at all possible, divide students into groups of 5 or 6, or 10 to 12.  We will try to keep these groups together.

Ensure that each student is wearing a name tag with the appropriate building colour on it. They will each need two name tags, one for the morning and one for the afternoon. Or, put one colour on their name tag for the morning, and have them reverse the name tag with the second colour visible for the afternoon.

5. Students will be given 35 minutes for lunch. They must bring everything with them. There is no place to buy food or drink. They will eat lunch in the room above the arena.  Also, this is the best time to use the washrooms.  Facilities in the Agriculture Buildings are limited.

6. Buildings are often cold. Ensure students dress accordingly.

7. The media is often present. They will take photos of students for the newspapers. Please have parents sign consent for this, and notify us at the event if there are any objections.

8. If, for whatever reason, some buses are cancelled, please contact Don Moore 519 881-7564 or Monica Zettel 519 889-0388 to see if Roots of Bruce is still operating. If Don has your phone number, he will try to contact you. We will also put an announcement on CKNX radio.

9. Please make sure that Don has the phone number of one of the teachers on the bus.

Don Moore, School Liaison
519 881-7564

10. If you need to request donations to help cover the cost of buses, a sample letter can be found by clicking here.